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We are currently going through a revolutionary shift, first, there was the industrial revolution then there was the mass media revolution and now we are in the digital revolution. Advertising stayed relatively the same for about 50 years until the internet and social media came and disrupted it.

People have someone that in some type a way influences them. For example, parents are the biggest influencers in a person’s life, they are someone who we look up and someone that tells us how and what to do in certain moments. But now, as technology changes and we can see the rise of online presence more than ever, we have a strong marketing strategy where brands are working with people online with a big following to promote what they produce and sell. Those people are not celebrities and we need to have in mind that celebrity endorsement and influencer marketing are not the same.

Now advertisers are spending their money on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook and on top of these platforms, we have those people called Influencers. An influencer is one person like everybody else, except that they choose to consistently post stuff online and somehow, they've amassed a huge following from that. People look at them, start to dress like them, go to places they have been, eat what they recommend and buy stuff that they indorse as something that they use daily.

Do influencers really influence you? 

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